Roxy Houshmand Testimonial

Roxy Houshmand

"The dress just felt incredible!"

Allison Alexander Testimonial

Allison Alexander

"Olwen captured my preferences effortlessly and I immediately knew she would create the perfect bridal jacket. I had so many compliments and I simply love the stylish, elegant feel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this most beautiful piece and for making me feel so special on my wedding day. It will stay with me forever."

Eileen Devine Testimonial

Eileen Devine

"Amazing day and AMAZING dress!!!"

Constance Weise Testimonial

Constance Weise

"Olwen made a summery, white silk dress for me - the fabric is a dream. She designed the dress exactly the way I wanted it, but she did provide suggestions on the best fit because I asked for her advice. It is a very simple but elegant dress, which I can wear on a variety of occasions, as it can be adapted by using different coloured accessories. I am proud to own an authentic Olwen Bourke".

Zoe Donnelly Testimonial

Zoe Donnelly

"I had some general ideas of what I wanted the dress to look like. Olwen took these ideas and with her incredible creativity and vision she created a wedding dress more amazing and beautiful than I could have wished for."

"It was a great experience working with her. She has a great work ethic and is motivated yet relaxed. She also knew exactly what would work for me and was not afraid to experiment. She was very collaborative throughout the process taking on board my thoughts and combining them with her own inspired and innovative ideas to produce a truly unique, one of a kind, dress that made my day even more special."